Grasshopper is a long-time advocate of green energy, with the conviction it will simply make our province a better place for Ontario families to live, work and grow. Since starting up in 2007, we have provided solar solutions to homeowners, farmers, municipalities, school boards and large corporations all over Ontario.

Shortly after Ontario launched the FIT program, homeowners were keen about the possibility of having solar panels on their roofs, but simply could not afford to make the investment. This demand drove our team to create the Guaranteed Funding Program, which is nationally recognized as a recipient of the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s Canadian Solar Innovator award.

Who We Are
A solar project is about more than electricity. It’s about financing, regulatory know-how, engineering, construction, long-term asset management and operations. And, importantly, like no other energy technology, it’s about people.

At Grasshopper, we’re here to address your specific needs. Our team understands a solar project requires the interconnection of key individuals with the ability to materialize the economic, environmental and social advantages of this elegant technology. We’re committed to providing you with a customized solution and exceptional customer service from start to finish.

We’re Believers
We believe solar can help achieve energy independence and plays a key role in Canada’s energy mix. We know a PV system, correctly designed with the right technology, can produce energy for over 40 years. With this in mind, we’ve dedicated our expertise to building systems that deliver, are durable and perform.

We also believe solar energy should be affordable and accessible to everyone. For this reason, financing is a key element of our service offering. Through partnerships and creative thinking, we look for ways to build mutually beneficial working relationships.

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