A solar solution for all homeowners who want to go green.

At Grasshopper, we want every homeowner to have the opportunity to benefit from our Guaranteed Funding Program, which is why we’ve expanded our network and collaborate with Channel Partners who are already established in the communities we serve,
including yours.

Our Guaranteed Funding Program is unique because it helps homeowners go solar while adding a revenue stream to their family’s budget, regardless of their financial situation. We lease the homeowner’s rooftop at no cost* with no credit check and no insurance costs for the homeowner. We also don’t charge monitoring or maintenance fees.

We will ensure our panels perform as promised for the term the homeowner chooses.
After that time, the system is the homeowner’s to keep for no additional cost*.

To learn more and sign up as a Channel Partner please contact us.

*Grasshopper Solar provides funding to qualifying homeowners including solar equipment, installation, maintenance and commercial liability insurance during the term of the Guaranteed Funding Agreement. For certainty, homeowners may experience increased property taxes, increased home insurance premiums, increased internet fees, increased tax reporting and related expenses, in additional to potential maintenance, operational and decommissioning costs associated with the solar system upon the end of the term, when ownership of the solar system transitions wholly to the homeowner. For certainty, Grasshopper shall not be responsible for any realty taxes, home insurance premiums, cost of maintenance, repairs or replacements of or to any part of the Lands or Building.