Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Grasshopper, solar, and our Guaranteed Funding Program.

Who is Grasshopper Solar?

Now 10-years since opening its doors in 2007, Grasshopper Solar has installed over 3,000 residential solar installations.
Leveraging the presence of the Ontario microFIT program to help increase solar power adoption in the province.

What is the Guaranteed Funding Program?

The Guaranteed Funding Program offers up to $30,000 to homeowners towards owning a new solar power system.
With a qualified roof, Grasshopper Solar takes care of the entire cost* of installing a solar power system from design to connection, including insurance, warranty, maintenance and after care.

Do I qualify?

There is a two-step process to qualify for Guaranteed Funding:

Step 1: Prior to signing up. You must own the detached house where the solar system is going to be installed. Your house must be located in a qualifying solar city and must pass Grasshopper’s remote evaluation.
Step 2: After signing up – Pass an on-site evaluation of your roof. The local utility’s approval to connect the solar system. (Limited availability in each area).

Do I have to pay anything?

Absolutely not. You do not pay for equipment, installation, ongoing maintenance or system insurance.
All costs are Grasshopper’s responsibility*.

How is this possible?

The Ontario government launched the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program in November 2009 to help the economy and add renewable energy to the energy mix. Under this program, power produced by the solar system is bought by the government at guaranteed rates over a 20-year term. The income pays for the system and its operating costs.

What if I sell my house?

No Transfer Fees
There are NO transfer fees or buyouts. The system and its benefits transfer over to the new owner. *
Expert Advice
We have in-house real estate experts to help you and your realtor market your home to appeal to every kind of buyer.

What about maintenance?

Grasshopper Solar is completely responsible for maintaining the system without any cost to you* during the term.

What if I need to replace the shingles?

The solar panels actually protect your roof so the shingles will last longer. But if your shingles do need to be replaced,
Grasshopper will remove and install the panels at no additional cost* as long as you use a Grasshopper-qualified roofer.

Will my house insurance fees go up?

Included in all our Guaranteed Funding options, Grasshopper pays for insurance for the solar
equipment as well as up to $10 million in commercial general liability coverage.

Ontario insurance companies carry their own unique set of rules and guidelines. Please check
with your current insurance provider for specific details regarding your insurance coverage.

As a solar owner you may also be eligible for certain benefits for using green power.

Information is available at .

Is it true my air conditioning
costs will decrease?

Yes, solar panels on the roof can in fact reduce the costs of air conditioning in the summer
by protecting the roof from direct exposure to sun.

*Grasshopper Solar provides funding to qualifying homeowners including solar equipment, installation, maintenance and commercial liability insurance during the term of the Guaranteed Funding Agreement. For certainty, homeowners may experience increased property taxes, increased home insurance premiums, increased internet fees, increased tax reporting and related expenses, in additional to potential maintenance, operational and decommissioning costs associated with the solar system upon the end of the term, when ownership of the solar system transitions wholly to the homeowner.

*New property owners must be Eligible Participants as per IESO eligible participant guidelines.


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