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Benefit from our proven track record in all system sizes and environments, ensuring that your solar
system will function reliably for years to come. A solar project is about more than electricity. It’s about financing, regulatory know-how, engineering, construction, long-term asset management and operations. And, importantly, like no other energy technology, it’s about people, the environment, and the future. At Grasshopper, we have invested heavily in our own systems, so you can be fully confident in the reliability, quality, and longevity of your solution.


Sustainable Energy


We conduct an assessment of your property to determine the viability of your site, as well as potential locations and system sizes.

Find a roof


We analyze the impact of the skyline on various locations, keeping future developments and seasonal changes into account. We also consider the structural components of the system, such as roof capacity and wiring. We provide you with a comprehensive report and offer a quote for the development of your solar project.

Solar Feasibility


As part of the feasibility study, we perform a detailed financial analysis to project the system’s economics. We compare several potential locations, system sizes and system configurations to maximize performance, and provide you with the costs, panel productivity and estimated returns on investment.

Design & Engineering


We specify your system’s components, including the
quantity, make and structure of your system.
We ensure that it is in compliance with government regulations
and adheres to all building codes.

Regulatory Know-How

Since 2007, Grasshopper has helped thousands
of customers with energy related government
incentives. Preparing and correctly processing
interconnection and regulatory documents is
important to a successful and timely solar
installation. Grasshopperknows the way.
We’ll make sure you get there.

The Right Equipment

Grasshopper believes selection of the
right products and equipment makes a
big difference in a world where not all
products are created equal. We pride ourselves
on sourcing only the most reputable products.

Attention to Detail, Quality Control

Whether an engineer, journeyman electrician
or qualified solar installer, our experts are
professionals. Every Grasshopper project has a
dedicated project manager who is knowledgeable
about your specific project and can address any
concerns you may have.


Save Money


Once operational, a solar system turns into a generating asset that needs to be managed. The Grasshopper customer service team have you covered.  Our experts are here to help answer any questions you might have for the life of your system.

Gear and Wrench


Post-installation, our team is available to you to inspect the panels and other components, test the system’s output, and service your system over the course of its warranty. Our dedicated customer service team is available on regular business hours, as well as evenings and weekends.



We include web based monitoring for every home owner.  This allows you to  maintain a record of your system’s energy production to analyze your electrical contribution, CO2 reduction and financial savings. The monitoring software keeps a record of performance trends so you can see how to continually optimize your energy output.

getting started


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Installation &


The performance of your system is affected by how well it is installed, which is why we carefully select our installation team to ensure your system is assembled and connected properly.


At this point, we connect your system to the grid and inspect its performance. Safety is our largest concern, and we make sure that the system is approved by the proper authorities.
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