Your Roof Could Save You Money!



Did your roof ever made you money? Well, if your house is good for solar, we can help you generate a fixed income from your roof. Your roof is unique and your house is special. We can work with you to design a custom designed solar panel system to save you maximum possible on your energy bills. Here’s how we do it –

Easy Solar Program

The Easy Solar Program from Grasshopper Solar offers Ontario home owners two distinct ways to earn pennies back from their roof with distinct payment options. These  are:

  • An upfront payment given in two installments, one upon official start of the green project and second on the connection date
  • A fixed amount every year once the solar panel system has been installed.

In both scenarios, we sign a contract with the homeowners for a period of 20 years and help homeowners switch their energy resource without having them to use or tie up their credit. With the Easy Solar Program from Grasshopper Solar, you could earn money from putting solar panels on your roof without shelling a single penny from your pockets. How cool is that?

Quick Solar Consultation

If you are a homeowner in Ontario and believe your house is perfect for solar, wait no further and save a spot for yourself by clicking here. Once we have your information, we call you back  within 24 hours to explain the benefits of Easy Solar Program and discuss your opportunities in going solar.

Again, each house powered by solar is unique to us and we make sure to install a customized residential solar system that takes their home, energy usage, lifestyle, and savings into account.

Get in touch with one of our solar consultants and see for yourself how easily we bring solar to your house and help you convert sunshine to savings!

Still not sure what to do? Find out if your roof is right for solar and be sure that you can apply for the Easy Solar Program.