Grasshopper featured on Global News on Tesla’s home battery announcement


Last Thursday, Tesla announced its breakthrough  in home energy storage – the Powerwall. Are we in Canada ready to take advantage of the company’s development? What are the implications for residential solar in Ontario and Canada at large?

Global News and PVBuzz talked to Grasshopper CEO Azeem Qureshi to find out. His conclusion: Canada needs to put in place an enhanced net-metering framework for homeowners to fully benefit from Tesla’s innovation.

Watch the Global News clip:
Perspective Feature on PVBuzz


We’ve all heard the news by now. Tesla, the California based company that makes electric vehicles cool and profitable has entered the energy industry by introducing its energy storage technology called the Tesla Powerwall.

“The issue with existing batteries is that they suck, our goal here is to fundamentally change the way the world uses energy.”
[Elon Musk / Canadian-American CEO of Tesla]

If a consumer were to couple this battery technology with a solar energy system under a net metering program in the United States, this would represent enormous cost savings and provide additional options for the consumer.

In theory, some Canadian provinces such as Ontario have established some sort of a net metering program; but the framework isn’t properly developed and not attractive enough to generate consumer interest.

“There is no consistent solar energy policy at the federal level. In order for Canadians to benefit from such a revolutionary technology, there has to be political will to enact a net metering program across Canada.”
[Azeem Qureshi / CEO of Grasshopper Solar]

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