Switch to Smart Home Technology with solar


From the way they are designed and constructed, traditional homes are very well responsive to all the modern day technological changes to make them more energy-efficient and save extra money on utility bills.  No matter how old your home is, you can always make it 100% energy efficient by switching to solar energy. If you’re a new homeowner instead, powering your home with solar energy right from the first day can be even more rewarding as you can save more and of course, earn more down the road.

Advanced Solar Technology

Made of high quality and robust tempered glass shield, our panels are custom made to withstand high heat, cold and winds. While to onlookers from the street, they look super sleek with no visible hardware, these offer a clean, elegant look which people can only admire. Its beauty and durability accompanied with free energy from the sun.

Produces Energy That Pays You Back

Be it an upfront investment or a leasing plan, solar energy pays you back in multiple ways. With the $0 down plan, you could get a fixed amount for 20 years or choose to get paid small fixed payments every year.  The solar provider you choose will be responsible for installation, maintenance and energy monitoring for the entire contract term while you enjoy all the benefits of solar energy. On the other hand, if you want to pay the cost of solar panel upfront, you could enjoy free hydro for a lifetime.

Insulates Your Home

Solar panels act as an insulation on your roof and provide resistance to heat flow during summers and prevent it from excessive cooling during winters. The lower the heating and cooling required, lesser energy will be consumed to make your home more comfortable. Moreover, regardless of any climatic changes in the outside world, your home remains unaffected from all temperature fluctuations thereby enhancing the degree of good health and well-being.

Healthier Energy Resource

Experienced and trusted by thousands of homeowners in the U.S., Canada, Germany and Japan, solar is the cleanest and safest mode of energy generation which people can rely on for all their energy needs now and in the future. It releases 91% less carbon dioxide pollutants to the environment when compared to coal and natural gas and with the usage of solar power growing rapidly, energy production from solar will continue to beat that produced from fossil fuels. While conventional energy resources like coal and natural gas have been ubiquitous for decades, the evident lifetime benefits of solar are sure to phase them out very soon.

At Grasshopper Solar, we offer easy, affordable solar plans for homeowners in Ontario and ensure people get quality, savings and a comfortable living for a lifetime.

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