How You Can Install Solar Panels With Guaranteed Earnings

Your roof could be eligible for up-to $30,000 in funding for a solar power system through Grasshopper Solar




Introducing the Guaranteed Funding Program

With our continued vision to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices by creating accessible and affordable products for our customers, we announce our new program that offers $30,000 of funding to homeowners towards a new solar system.

Energy Independence.

In 15 years the average bill is expected to be over $200/month. Once the system has paid itself off, not only the panels but also 100% of the energy you produce is yours!

Guaranteed Funding.

87% of Canadians support renewable energy adoption but many simply cannot afford to make the investment.

This demand drove our team to create the one-of-a-kind award winning Grasshopper Solar Guaranteed Funding Program.

The Path To Solar Through The Guaranteed Funding Program

Your Questions, Answered...

Why Choose Grasshopper Solar?

Invested for the long term: Our guaranteed funding program is a $150 million investment in the solar systems we install.

With no obligation, and no credit checks, generate clean solar energy with guaranteed earnings.

Experienced: We’ve helped more than 5,000 Ontarians receive money from government energy incentives.

Professional: Full-service registered with the Professional Engineers of Ontario and the Electrical Safety Authority.

Install solar panels with Guaranteed Earnings

Find out if your roof qualifies today!

Your roof could be eligible for up-to $30,000 in funding for a solar power system through Grasshopper Solar!

An Address With Benefits.

1. Energy Consumption
The average Ontario home uses roughly 9,600 kWh’s per year.

2. Solar Production
A 10 kW south facing system can produce over 12,000+ kWhs per year.

3. Future Hydro Bills
Your solar system has a lifespan of over 40 years.

What if I want to sell my house?

1. No Transfer Fees
There are NO transfer fees or buyouts. The system and its benefits transfer over to the new owner.

2. Expert Advice
We have in-house real estate experts to help you and your realtor market your home to appeal to every kind of buyer.

Install solar panels with Guaranteed Earnings

Your roof could generate up-to $25,000 when you install a solar power system through Grasshopper Solar!

Not convinced yet? Here’s what our customers have to say about our team, our services and the programs we offer.

Robert Dworak | Brampton, Ontario

I’m part of the free solar program because there is no cost. The initial inspection to see if my home qualified for solar was really easy and the installation took literally a day. The power was off for maybe 2 to 3 hours … then back on again with the solar panels working. One month after installation, I received a check in the mail. I only invested a few minutes of my time and never any money. I would recommend this solar program to family and friends.

Offers up to $30,000 in Funding to Homeowners towards a Solar Power System at $0.

Generate up-to $25,000 from Your Roof.

No Obligation. No Credit Checks.