Going Solar is Simple

Here’s how Grasshopper’s Easy Solar program works:


You sit back and relax while Grasshopper Solar does all the necessary work for you to bring your solar income home including your application, design, engineering, permits and installation.


This is the only program of this kind that’s truly at no cost, no credit checks, no maintenance or monitoring costs, and no insurance costs.


To find out if you quality, there are three questions:

  • Is your property located in Ontario, more so in the areas reaching from Hamilton to the South, Windsor to the west, Kingston in the east and Barrie in the north?
  • Does your rooftop have an unobstructed view of the sun?
  • Do you personally own your property?

If you’ve answered ‘YES’ to the three questions above, you may qualify to participate in the Easy Solar program and earn money from your roof! Learn more about your earnings or contact us to get started.

Getting Paid to Go Green

Not only is it cost-free for you to be part of a growing community of socially responsible homeowners, you actually get paid to do it – find out about your earnings.