Grasshopper Advantage

Why choose Grasshopper?

  • Truly Free. We’re the only program of its kind that has no cost, no credit check, no maintenance or monitoring costs, and no insurance costs.
  • Confidence. We trust in our systems and put you first – we give you the option to get paid before the system even generates revenue. Payments are independent of system generation.
  • Customer Service. We provide you with a seamless relationship, from initial contact to 20 years of operation and maintenance.
  • Experience. We are one of the largest solar energy companies in Ontario and have extensive experience in designing and building hundreds of turn-key solar power systems and delivering them to homeowners, farmers, public schools, institutions, municipalities and large corporations across the province.
  • Quality Equipment. Grasshopper Solar delivers custom-designed and engineered solar systems that will last and perform well beyond your 20-year contract with us.
  • Superior Technology. Grasshopper engineers carefully source the best technology from around the world to ensure that you get a system that will stand the test of time. We’re the only company in Canada with a proprietary state-of-the-art software technology that helps deliver a superior quality solar power system that is meant to last a lifetime.
  • Long-Term Sustainability. Grasshopper’s FREE Solar program is a $100 million investment in the province of Ontario. It is in our best interest to maintain our operations for the term of the FREE Solar contract.
  • Worry-Free: Grasshopper holds $5 million in commercial liability insurance. We take great pride in excellent workmanship. In the unlikely case that any damage occurs to your roof from installing the solar system, we’ve got you covered.
  • Industry Recognition. We’ve been recognized by CanSIA for our innovative work on this program through the 2012 Canadian Solar Innovator Award.

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