Grasshopper is built on creative thinking and practical solutions. We apply a can-do approach to financing and help customers find a way.

For FIT projects – including Co-operative and First Nation projects – Grasshopper provides construction financing, acquires projects and forms partnerships.

Our FREE solar program opens up a new way to finance residential projects that otherwise would not proceed. If your business services homeowners, ask about our Channel Partner Program.

Project Development, Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Regulatory Know-How
Grasshopper has helped thousands of customers with energy related government incentives including preparing and correctly processing interconnection and as regulatory approvals. Grasshopper knows the way. Let us help you get there.

Attention to Details, Quality Control
Whether an engineer, journeyman electrician or qualified solar installer, our people are professionals, and they apply a systematic approach to confirm work is done correctly. Each and every Grasshopper project has a dedicated project manager, available to address any and all of your concerns.

The Right Equipment
Grasshopper believes selection of the right products and equipment makes a big difference in a world where not all products are created equal. We pride ourselves on sourcing the most reputable products.

Asset Management, Operations and Maintenance

Once operational, a solar system turns into a generating asset that needs to be managed. Grasshopper takes care of all financial services and operational details, giving you peace of mind that your investment is in good hands. Our financial services include timely financial reporting, revenue and expense monitoring and management, relationship management with landlord and utilities, taxation and regulatory compliance. Under Grasshopper’s operations and maintenance services for both commercial and residential solar portfolios we provide 24-7 monitoring and on-site services to make sure your asset continues to perform with the highest up time.