Our Solar Programs

Guaranteed Funding. We pay for your solar system including maintenance and insurance.

Direct Purchase. When you purchase the solar panels, you receive all revenue that is generated by the panels.

Today’s solar technology has revolutionized the clean tech industry. Combined with the government incentives to generate clean energy on residential homes available under Ontario’s microFIT program, this makes going solar an ideal way to add value to your home while helping make our province a green and healthy place for generations to come.

Why Go Solar?

  • Profitable – Make money from an otherwise unused asset in your home—your roof.
  • Reliable – Solar panels have a 40 year life expectancy.
  • Supports the local economy. By generating energy through solar power, green jobs are created in Ontario and energy prices stabilize.
  • Future-oriented. In the near future, all residential homes will generate, and be powered by solar power.
  • Environmentally responsible. Solar power is clean – it doesn’t emit greenhouse gases, air pollutants or harmful chemicals and importantly, is renewable.
  • Socially responsible. It supports the health of the environment, our family and children for generations to come and supports Canada’s energy independence.
  • Money savings – Solar panels generate the most power during peak demand, when electricity is the most expensive.
  • Flexible installation – The location opportunities are endless for our solar panel systems.
  • Low maintenance – With no moving parts, our panels require minimal maintenance; once they’re installed, let them make you money.
  • Value-adding – Solar panels increase your property value.
  • Protects roofs – Solar panels actually extend the life of your residential roof by protecting it from harsh weather.
  • Green leadership – Ontario is considered a global leader in solar power generation, thanks to the FIT program. By investing in solar power, you can help us achieve a greener future!

Still not sure where to start?

At Grasshopper Solar, we work with you to help you take advantage of the many benefits of the Ontario microFIT program. Contact us right away to discuss your solar opportunities with one of our solar experts.