The Biggest Solar Myth Demystified!


Myth 1 – Solar Is Expensive

Generating power through solar panels is a technology which is here to stay. Solar power is currently becoming more advantageous because of the efficiency and affordability factors instead of conventional energy production. For most homeowners, they think installation of a solar panel system on their rooftops remains expensive. This is one of the biggest solar myth however no longer true. With favourable Government incentives and easy accessibility through innovative solar financing options including 0% upfront and no-credit check programs where you pay down your system from generation payments and receive a guaranteed passive income by Grasshopper Solar, switching to solar power has now become extremely affordable and is a convenient option for homeowners.

With soaring high hydro rates, it’s tough to find ways to reduce your monthly electricity bills from traditional energy sources, but solar is a great option to do so. Depending on the orientation of your roof and the size of your solar system, we offer a 10KW solar PV system worth $30,000 to homeowners in Ontario without them having to use or tie up their credit. Speak to one of our reps for more details. Solar power promises long-term savings while leasing your panels and is an easy option to choose. With the annual amount you will be receiving by Grasshopper Solar, it can be used to help you reduce your hydro bills and allow you to become eco-friendly.

Solar panels are a win-win for both you and the environment. If you are planning solar for your home but held back due to cost or not knowing all the benefits and how the technology works?  Feel free to call or email us at any time. Yet stay tuned for more information as we list some more myths and misconceptions about solar energy and help you make an informed decision.