Ready or Not, Solar power is here and will stay forever!

Good News Ontario!!

Indeed, 2014 was a remarkable year in the solar growth with nearly two-thirds of the power generated by solar in the first quarter itself. More so, the increase in residential solar power was alone 10% up from 2013.  Since then, there was no looking back and electricity bills are being fast replaced by solar rooftops. The renewable energy wave is in and the paradigm is flipping!

With the speedy rising of the hydro cost, electricity system is further democratizing and given the choice of generating electricity from their roof top, more and more people would like to switch to free solar power- but until recently, the huge cost of solar panels didn’t make any sense to a majority of them.


Ontario Free Solar Program

To spear head the revolution, Grasshopper Solar has pledged to spread the green wave across the length and breadth of Ontario and eventually, Canada. We have been constantly striving hard with a mission to make Free Solar accessible to one and all. Anyone and everyone who owns a home in Ontario is eligible to apply for the microFIT Free Solar Program and enjoy energy independence via solar power forever.

Own a house and wish to save up to 20% of your hydro bills? Apply here and get a Free solar panel system for your roof.

Read some myths about solar and still in doubt? No problem! Contact us right away and we will schedule a Free consultation call with one of our solar experts within 24 hours.