Planning a solar panel system for your home? Here’s all what you need to know!

Converting Your Roof Into A Mini Power Plant? Here’s Everything You Should Know:


Gone are those days when solar used to be complicated, expensive and even not much reliable. Today, a solar panel system for $0 down is undoubtedly the best solution to rising electricity bills. If you are a homeowner in Ontario and have been thinking about going solar, there’s no better time than now.

In the not so distant past, solar panels were a rare thing to be noticed. But, the long dwindling concerns about climatic change made the federal govt. roll out lucrative tax incentives to introduce solar to as many people as possible and help them make a switch. It’s much easier and convenient to convert your roof into a mini power plant and here’s everything you should know about the process and your eligibility to apply for government’s incentives:

Residential Solar Power

An ideal residential solar power system harnesses sunshine to convert it into energy and send to an inverter which in-turn converts it into electricity to power the home. Needless to say, solar energy is safe, environmentally friendly and in abundance. A solar panel system can help decrease your domestic carbon footprint by an average of 37,098 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Grasshopper Solar offers homeowners in Ontario a Free solar panel system worth $30,000 so they can sell the energy produced back to the grid.

microFIT Program

Fortunately, homeowners in Ontario can apply for the micro feed-in tariff program that allows them to sign a 20-year contract to sell all the power produced from their solar system back to the grid at a fixed rate for 20 years. Under this program, each home that qualifies is eligible to be installed a 10kW system which is approximately 40 solar panels.

How Do I Qualify For The microFIT Program?


Essentially, the Program is open to all homeowners in Ontario. All you need is to own your residence in your personal name to participate and qualify for the Free Solar Program.

Free Solar Program

Soon after Ontario launched the FIT program, a lot of homeowners expressed interest in having solar panels on their roofs to generate electricity. However, the hefty initial investment was a huge setback and most people could not afford to make that investment. It was at that time when team Grasshopper Solar realized the existence of a demand and we started a Free Solar Program to make solar panels Free and accessible by one and all.

Find out how the Free Solar Program works and how much you can earn from your roof and feel free to speak to one of our solar consultants today by clicking here.

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