Solar Power Progressing To The Forefront of Energy Production In Ontario


Thanks to homeowners becoming more sustainable and wanting more energy options, residential rooftop installations have remarkably increased in Ontario. Nowadays, within the energy sector and amongst all Ontario homeowners, there is a growing interest in solar energy and solar technology, specifically, residential solar and its affordability through innovative programs by Grasshopper Solar.

Next to California, Ontario stands as the second largest solar energy market in North America with Grasshopper Solar being Ontario’s and the Country’s largest solar solutions provider.  It has been said that the amount of sunlight striking the earth’s surface in an hour is sufficient to power the world for an entire year. At Grasshopper, we know climate change is a real issue and introduced convenient solar programs to help make solar power easily accessible to all homeowners so they could be part of the solution for a greener planet.

Recently, the Federal Government also decided to up Canada’s electricity dependence on sustainable sources by 90 percent from the current 80 percent over the period of 15 years, which is a good news for homeowners indeed! As electricity rates for homes and small business jumped to as high as 70% between 2006 and 2014, solar power and its ease of use comes as a big relief.

With solar power on the rise, right now is the perfect time to not only do something great for the planet, but move forward towards becoming 100% energy independent. Furthermore, solar supporters across the province continue to increase as the worldwide buzz about benefits of switching to solar have been proven.

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Grasshopper solar has long been a supporter and leading producer of solar power in Ontario. In fact, we are the largest solar provider in the Country and have helped thousands of homeowners produce their own energy and make money by selling it back to the grid. We have also helped homeowners finance their own solar projects to get them up and running without tying up any of their credit. Our aim is to accelerate Ontario’s dependence on sustainable solar power for the benefit of the planet.

Change is coming, as the future of electricity will rely less on fossil fuels and provide you clean, green, non-stop solar power to meet your energy needs.

Are you waiting to find out if your roof would be good for generating solar power or not? Are you interested in taking action against climate change and to help the planet? Wait no further and call us at +1866.310.1575 and one of our solar experts will help you make an informed decision.

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A breakthrough revolution is here to come and solar power is within your reach!

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