The Next Frontier in Emerging Opportunities: Solar Roads


We are in a deleveraging environment here to stay for at least five years. Companies and governments alike looking to shed their respective mountains of debt have few options without more risk and internal pain. In this reality, and as national boundaries are losing importance, choosing the right company or industry to invest in is even more important. Mature companies offering a nice dividend to possible stock appreciation are good. Mature companies leading next wave of human improvement offering a nice dividend and possible stock appreciation are even better:

Imtech NV first-to-market with SolaRoad:

Imagine you are bicycling on a road. The road has standard streetlights for evening illumination. The road is made of glass. Underneath the glass are two additional layers: an optical layer and a solar-cell layer. The glass and two other layers are all encased in a third layer, a pre-fabricated segment of concrete pavement. The road you’re bicycling on is being hit by light photons all day. The solar-cell layer is collecting the photons and converting them to energy. This stored energy in turn is used to power the streetlights at night. The optical layer is used to give real-time feedback on traffic conditions. Fiction? No. Very much reality – in Holland. The world is about to get its first road that converts sunlight into electricity.

In January 2012, the province of North Holland will be undertaking a 5-year pilot program of converting all their bicycle roads to solar roads. Once perfected, regular traffic road conversions will follow. The project is called SolaRoad and is the brainchild of Dutch science based think-tank TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) in conjunction with three partners: Ooms Averhorn Group BV, Imtech NV, and PNH (Province of North Holland). Ooms designs and builds high quality roads and pavements. It’s two years shy of its 100-year anniversary and unfortunately, seems to be a private company. Imtech NV is a global technical service provider with 27,000 employees, a 1.7B capitalization, trading at only 11 times earnings with the added bonus of a 3.51 percent dividend yield if you buy in Euro’s or 3.1% dividend yield if you buy in USD. It is publicly listed and traded on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam Index (NL:IM), Dow Jones Stoxx600 Index and OTC in the U.S.

The 52-week trading range in Euro’s: €15.50 – €28.48

The 52-week trading range in USD: $ 28.75 – $37.00

With projects like SolaRoad in the pipeline for the next 5 years in addition to their diversified book of construction and engineering projects spanning the globe, Imtech NV could be a strategic addition to any portfolio.

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