Is Solar Enough To Power My Home?


Myth 2 – Solar Energy Can’t Power My Home

With 174 petawatts or 174 million gigawatts (1015 Watts) of solar energy falling on the earth’s surface every day, solar panels can naturally produce enough electricity to power your home for several days. In fact, with solar cells, sunlight becomes the direct energy source providing enough electricity that can be produced to power our entire planet each day. However, not all solar power systems generate the same amount of energy and it’s important to consider the type of energy output while choosing your solar PV system.

A solar PV system produces about 200 watts of electricity based on the size, tilt, orientation of solar cells, efficiency and the number of panels. However, as the amount of power generated by each system varies, you must be aware of how much electricity you need to power your home. To calculate this, look through your recent hydro bills and check how much power has been consumed by your property over the year or contact your hydro provider to extract this information. This will help you in calculating the number of panels required to generate the same amount of energy through solar power.

The sunny side of solar is that you can generate electricity from your roof to power your home and stop relying on hydro companies to meet your energy needs. Interestingly enough, some residential solar homes in Ontario are entirely off the grid which means they no longer rely on hydro companies for any of their energy needs. Their solar energy systems can efficiently tap sunlight to meet all their electricity needs and even save a percentage of it for the days when the sun isn’t so bright and when there are power outages.

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