Grasshopper Solar CEO Azeem Qureshi Appointed Chair Of CanSIA microFIT Working Group


Grasshopper Solar is honoured CEO Azeem Qureshi has been appointed Chair of the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s microFIT Working Group.

Mr. Qureshi is looking forward to collaborating with leaders of the Ontario solar industry, with the ambition of helping the province’s microFIT program reach its full potential. The program is at a critical juncture: a new microFIT price schedule will be released at the end of September. As it stands now, this important renewable energy program targeted at residential micro generators is failing to meet installation goals.

“As industry leaders, we’re going to work with the Ontario Power Authority to pinpoint the reasons why there has been a slowdown of microFIT activity in the last two years,” says Mr. Qureshi. “We also want to remedy the cause.”

The Ontario Ministry of Energy has allocated 50 MW of microFIT procurement for each of the next three years. With the 2013 allocation less than half fulfilled, however, and the accomplishment of 2014 targets behind schedule, if circumstances do not change the program will likely continue to underperform. It is critical to the success of the Green Energy Act, says Mr. Qureshi, Ontario homeowners directly participate in the green energy market.

“MicroFIT is the lifeline of the solar industry in Ontario,” he says. “The residential solar sector creates green jobs close to home in the province. Ontarians need to see a lot more solar on rooftops in their neighbourhoods to realize the possibilities this exciting technology is going to bring to our communities.”

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