Grasshopper Solar Introduces a Channel Partner Program for Its Award-Winning FREE Solar Program


Grasshopper Solar Corporation has launched a Channel Partner Program for its award-winning FREE Solar Program. Grasshopper Solar’s Channel Partner Program is the first of its kind and will help the local economy by supporting small businesses and homeowners in Ontario.

Through this program, Grasshopper Solar’s Channel Partners will get an opportunity to have their customers sign up for the FREE Solar Program, which will allow a solar power system to be installed on the homeowners’ rooftop at no cost to them, while also receiving a guaranteed fixed monthly income.

Grasshopper Solar’s FREE Solar Program was developed specifically for the Government of Ontario’s microFIT Program, to give homeowners the opportunity to participate in the program regardless of financial constraints. As part of the FREE Solar Program, homeowners earn a guaranteed monthly solar income for a contract period of 20 years, and own the solar power system at the end of the contract, all at no cost. This innovative program won Grasshopper Solar Corporation the 2012 Canadian Solar Innovator Award.

The Channel Partner Program will support small businesses in Ontario’s solar market, further promote the Government of Ontario’s microFIT Program, help more homeowners participate in the microFIT Program through the award-winning FREE Solar Program, and contribute to creating a healthier environment for current and future generations.

“We are excited to introduce our Channel Partner Program that will help more homeowners participate in and benefit from the Government of Ontario’s microFIT Program through our FREE Solar Program,” said Azeem Qureshi, CEO of Grasshopper Energy. “Solar is the way of the future and our goal is to help build Canada into a dominant global solar player. Through our Channel Partner Program, we will move closer to achieving this goal.”

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