Grasshopper Energy Celebrates World Environment Day


Today is the World Environment Day, one of the main vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and encourages political attention and action. World Environment Day celebration activities take place around the world all year round and climax on June 5th of every year. Grasshopper Energy has participated in celebrating it from re-addressing sustainable office practices. As a proud renewable energy company, the Grasshopper Team has been already taking actions to reduce our carbon footprint such as recycling, collecting food waste separately, carpooling, trying to avoid unnecessary printing, using washable kitchenware and eco-friendly cleaning products, etc. In celebrating the World Environment Day, the Grasshopper Team took further actions to make our office greener from re-addressing ten action items.

Internal audits have taken place in order to monitor the progress and encourage more employee participation. The employee participation level has been continuously increased and the ten action items have been successfully implemented. The Grasshopper Team will continue to re-address the 10 action items and participate in raising awareness of the environmental issues.

10 Action Items:

1. Please be mindful when you print.
2. Please recycle your garbage.
3. Please turn off your computer when you go home
4. Please lower the brightness of your computer screen.
5. Please turn off lights when the space is not used.
6. Please bring your lunch as often as possible.
7. Please bring your own mug to coffee shops.
8. We will keep our office temperature between 24 and 25°C during the summer months.
9. We will use green cleaning products in the office.
10. Please precycle your office supplies.

For more information about the World Environment Day, visit

Visit the official website of the World Environment Day 2013 for the list of action items to celebrate it:

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