Planning a solar panel system for your home? Here’s all what you need to know!

Converting Your Roof Into A Mini Power Plant? Here's Everything You Should Know: Gone are those days when solar used to be complicated, expensive and even not much reliable. Today, a solar panel system for $0 down is undoubtedly the best solution to rising electricity bills. If you are a homeowner in Ontario and have been thinking [...]

Google Will Run On 100% Renewable Power Next Year

Google to be powered by 100% renewable energy After investing in 20 renewable energy projects across the world and buying 44% of its power from solar and wind farms, the online tech giant made another impressive declaration on Tuesday, this week to power its global operations with 100 percent renewable energy in 2017. The largest [...]

Solar Power Progressing To The Forefront of Energy Production In Ontario

Thanks to homeowners becoming more sustainable and wanting more energy options, residential rooftop installations have remarkably increased in Ontario. Nowadays, within the energy sector and amongst all Ontario homeowners, there is a growing interest in solar energy and solar technology, specifically, residential solar and its affordability through innovative programs by Grasshopper Solar. Next to California, Ontario stands as the second [...]

Switch to Smart Home Technology with solar

From the way they are designed and constructed, traditional homes are very well responsive to all the modern day technological changes to make them more energy-efficient and save extra money on utility bills.  No matter how old your home is, you can always make it 100% energy efficient by switching to solar energy. If you’re [...]

The Biggest Solar Myth Demystified!

Myth 1 - Solar Is Expensive Generating power through solar panels is a technology which is here to stay. Solar power is currently becoming more advantageous because of the efficiency and affordability factors instead of conventional energy production. For most homeowners, they think installation of a solar panel system on their rooftops remains expensive. This [...]

Government of Canada declares to be 100% powered by renewable energy!

"Innovation inspires when people find sustainable solutions to solve real world problems and survives when backed by Government's belief and support!" At Grasshopper Solar, we believe Solar is a wonderful innovation to solve not one but a myriad problems existing in the real world. Solar is one of the most reliable and clean energy resources [...]

Ready or Not, Solar power is here and will stay forever!

Good News Ontario!! Indeed, 2014 was a remarkable year in the solar growth with nearly two-thirds of the power generated by solar in the first quarter itself. More so, the increase in residential solar power was alone 10% up from 2013.  Since then, there was no looking back and electricity bills are being fast replaced by solar [...]