Government of Canada declares to be 100% powered by renewable energy!


“Innovation inspires when people find sustainable solutions to solve real world problems and survives when backed by Government’s belief and support!”

At Grasshopper Solar, we believe Solar is a wonderful innovation to solve not one but a myriad problems existing in the real world. Solar is one of the most reliable and clean energy resources in Canada and has been part of discussions initiated by the Federal Government as part of their Climate Action Plan. The impact is so great that a clean energy revolution can be felt nationwide and is inviting hundreds and thousands of people to take part in generating a positive and upward economic activity as well safeguard the environment.

Canada, a country bestowed with a huge landmass and diversified geography consists of numerous resources including wind, solar, water, ocean energy, biomass and geothermal. Surprisingly enough, a recent update from CanSIA (Canadian Solar Industries Association)  revealed that as an initiative to curb greenhouse emissions and contribute to the environment, the Federal Government has decided to be 100% powered by renewable energy resources by 2025. As solar supporters, we couldn’t have been more proud of this initiative by the Government which confirms their commitment to a greener and cleaner environment. This decision safeguards nature while creating a new pool of jobs for the middle class and ensuring a sustainable and prosperous living for generations to come.

By leading such an initiative, the Government of Canada is inspiring countries worldwide to be responsible citizens and play their roles to ensure a healthy future for everyone. With this, the Government is also giving a strong indication to the world that Canada is equally concerned about the increasing greenhouse emissions and is toiling hard to reduce them.

For all Canadians, this Government’s initiative is a hint that the renewable energy sector is going to flourish rapidly within Canada. Once again, Grasshopper Solar appreciates the Government’s stand at this point of time and given its consistent efforts to back the renewable energy sector, Canada is sure to emerge as the leader in renewable energy production soon.