Google Will Run On 100% Renewable Power Next Year

Google to be powered by 100% renewable energy

After investing in 20 renewable energy projects across the world and buying 44% of its power from solar and wind farms, the online tech giant made another impressive declaration on Tuesday, this week to power its global operations with 100 percent renewable energy in 2017.

The largest corporate investor of renewable energy, Google, plans to achieve yet another milestone of purchasing 2.5GW of clean energy to power its data centers and offices in the approaching new year. The company will directly buy power generated from solar and wind for every unit of hydro it consumes worldwide to reach the ambitious target announced early this week.

Currently, the firm invests in 20 renewable energy projects thereby offsetting the huge money otherwise spent on buying power produced from fossil fuels. With its new decision, Google also expects to save a lot of money from price fluctuations in the traditional energy industry which includes sources like oil, natural gas etc. This investment will completely rule out nuclear power from Google’s energy usage and lock-in prices for the long-term.

“We have seen renewable energy prices come down precipitously, which has helped us ramp up.” – said Gary Demise, Google’s director of global infrastructure and energy.

Once again, by leading the way in the renewable energy sector, Google gave yet another reason to its employees to love working in an environment powered by green energy sources. Renewable energy is the future and now is the time for companies to make a switch and display their corporate social responsibility.

With renewable technology on the rise and the dropping prices of solar, the day is not far when clean, renewable energy will power the whole world. As the leading solar solutions provider in Canada, we couldn’t be more proud at this initiative by the internet giant to support the global renewable energy movement and helping the environment.

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