Why should Ontario homeowners go solar now?


Unbelievably, the solar market in Ontario is exploding and giving every possible indication that the solar power will become universal within the next decade. It feels amazing to see more and more people switch to solar energy each day.  At Grasshopper Solar, we strongly believe that each solar powered home is one step closer to sustainable living and a healthy world.

Despite the fact that solar has a myriad benefits, a majority of people are still hesitant but for those in the know, they understand how solar works, that it pays well and is a great return on investment. In many ways, solar is akin to what internet was 10 years ago. Those who didn’t have access to it early, were only aware that it was something nice to have. However, it was only when they used it themselves, they realized internet was a revolution which generations will follow. Likewise with solar, a revolutionary change is around the corner and as responsible citizens, we should be prepared to experience the same.

Although there’s no standard time to go solar, listed below are the top best reasons why Ontario homeowners should go solar now!

Rising Electricity Prices

Electricity prices in the province continue to go up at a rapid pace. In Ontario, there has been a 35 percent rise in the electricity rates in the past decade and the same will continue to rise in future. With the rising hydro rates, free solar energy programs provided by Grasshopper are gaining attention by one and all. Moreover, rates of fuels may vary drastically in the near future and by going solar today, you can eliminate the risk of rising electricity prices and at the same time, save more by generating your own electricity in the years to come.

Favourable Government Programs

The Government of Ontario’s MicroFIT program which is run by the IESO is designed for projects producing over 10KW of electricity. This program bestows homeowners and eligible participants with an opportunity to place a mini electricity generation system on their rooftop and get paid a guaranteed price over a 20-year term for all the energy they generate and sell it to the grid. You can go solar and get paid for it. What’s more convenient?

Get qualified for Free Solar NOW and make a change!

Easily Accessible

Quite apparent, the cost of solar panels has dropped greatly in the last decade and is now accessible and affordable to a wider audience. More so, at Grasshopper Solar, we bring it to you without tying up or using your own credit. We help you apply for the program, we install solar panels on your roof and provide cost-free maintenance for the entire contract term. Apparently, getting solar was never so easy and simpler to use than now!

Giving Back to The Environment

For some, going solar is only backed by financial reasons – how much will I save on my hydro bills? While for some others, it is much more than that. With climate change being an issue in the past few years, it’s time that the world shifts its dependence from fossil fuels to renewable energy.  Thousands of responsible homeowners are constantly finding more eco-friendly ways to fight climate change and look for more energy efficient measures at home. Switching to solar is one of the safest and easiest ways to lock in savings over the next 20 years, boosting the value of your home and making an environmentally favorable choice at the same time.

If you own a home in Ontario, you can receive solar panels for free from Grasshopper Solar and earn revenue. Make an informed decision and inspire others. We will personally go with you step-by step at each stage and will be there to address any issues/concerns till the end of the contract term.

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