Germany Creates Nearly Half of World’s Solar Power…Any guesses where Canada is on the list?

Thanks to the eco-sensible folks over at One Block Off the Grid, we have a wonderful little infographic examining just what countries are leading the way in producing solar power. Once again, Germany has proved that if it sets its mind to something (building cars, heavy machinery, beer, bobsledding etc.) it will be the best in the world at said pursuit, as it’s responsible for a whopping 43 per cent of the world’s solar power production.

Spain pumps out about 10 per cent and Japan creates nine per cent (and likely even more soon, what with they’re recent nuclear problems). Heck, even tiny Belgium and the delightfully skeptical Czech Republic are in the top 10, but Canada, despite having millions of hectares just begging to be turned into a source of emission-free energy, is nowhere to be seen.


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