Free Solar Program

We install the solar system on your rooftop and perform any required maintenance while you receive a FREE solar system and get paid for it.

Find out how the Free Solar Program works.

Top five reasons to participate:

  1. Make money from your roof – we pay you to install a solar system on your home.
  2. Increase the value of your home – your home will be equipped with a $30,000 solar system and will provide energy for years to come.
  3. Help the environment – an average solar system under our FREE Solar program creates the carbon savings equivalent to planting 170 trees every year, or taking 1.6 cars off the road. You will also use less energy in the summer, as the solar system acts as an additional layer of insulation on the roof.
  4. Help green power Ontario – solar energy has already helped with the elimination of coal-fired power plants in Ontario and will continue to decrease the burning of fossil fuels.
  5. Protects the longevity of your roof – solar panels can help protect your roof from harsh weather, lengthening its life.

Changing the way we generate energy is key to ensuring we continue to live in healthy communities for generations to come. At Grasshopper, we believe together, we can make it happen.

Find out how the Free Solar Program works., or click the link below to find out if you qualify for NO COST Solar.