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Grasshopper featured on Global News on Tesla’s home battery announcement

05/06/2015 - Last Thursday, Tesla announced its breakthrough  in home energy storage – the Powerwall. Are we in Canada ready to take advantage of the company’s development? Global News and PVBuzz talked to Grasshopper CEO Azeem Qureshi to find out. Read More >

Grasshopper Solar Wins Canadian Solar Industry Award

04/01/2015 - The Canadian Solar Industries Association has again honoured Grasshopper Solar Corporation with a Game Changer Award: the 2015 award for project finance innovationRead More >

Grasshopper Solar CEO Azeem Qureshi Appointed Chair Of CanSIA microFIT Working Group

09/24/2014 - Grasshopper Solar is honoured CEO Azeem Qureshi has been appointed Chair of the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s microFIT Working Group. Read More >

Grasshopper Solar Raises $100 Million in Financing To Expand Its Award-Winning FREE Solar Program For Homeowners.

04/29/2014 - Grasshopper Solar, a leader and innovator in the solar energy industry announced that it has secured $100 Million from institutional investors to expand its award-winning FREE Solar Program. Read More >

Local Control Over Renewable Energy Development To Be Increased In Ontario

06/03/2013 – Local control over future renewable energy projects is expected to be increased in order to support municipalities and secure Ontario’s clean energy future, according to the announcement by Ministry of Energy released on May 30th, 2013. Read More >

Grasshopper Solar Introduces a Channel Partner Program for Its Award-Winning FREE Solar Program

05/29/2013 – Grasshopper Solar Corporation has launched a Channel Partner Program for its award-winning FREE Solar Program. Grasshopper Solar’s Channel Partner Program is the first of its kind and will help the local economy by supporting small businesses and homeowners in Ontario. Read more>

Grasshopper Energy Celebrates World Environment Day

06/05/2013 – Today is the World Environment Day, one of the main vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and encourages political attention and action. In celebrating the World Environment Day, the Grasshopper Team took further actions to make our office greener from re-addressing ten action items. Read more>

Grasshopper Solar goes greener in celebration of the World Environment Day

05/10/2013 – In celebrating the World Environment Day, Grasshopper Team will take further actions to make our office greener from re-addressing ten action items! Read more>

Grasshopper Solar is having an Open Solar House on May 25 2013

05/23/2013Read more>

83% of Ontarians believe green energy is important

04/04/2013 – In dealing with climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, 83% of Ontarians believe that renewable energy is important or very important. Read more>

Your greener home = solar + energy-efficient products

04/02/2013 – saveONenergy 2013 coupon event is going on NOW! Participate through downloading the coupons and visiting the participating retailers to get discounts on energy-efficient products for your home. Read more>

The largest concentrated solar power plant in the oil giant, United Arab Emirates

03/28/2013 – UAE now has the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant and becomes the only OPEC nation that supplies both oil and solar energy. Read more>

Shell predicts that solar may overtake oil by 2060

03/28/2013 – According to Shell’s forecast, solar may account for 40% of total energy mix by 2060, displacing oil, gas and coal. Read more>

22 schools recently decided to go solar with Grasshopper Solar

12/10/2012 – 22 public schools chose Grasshopper Solar to install a solar power system on their roof. Show leadership in green energy and green future from going solar! Read more>

The Vatican goes solar

11/01/2012 – Europe’s largest solar power plant will be developed in the smallest state in the world, the Vatican. If any other major projects that are big enough to produce electricity to the whole population aren’t developed and completed elsewhere, the Vatican will become the first carbon-neutral country when the solar power system starts generating power. The solar power plant is expected to open in 2014. Read more>

Solar home heating urged: Alternative energy ideas discussed

01/16/2012 – It’s time to further explore using solar energy to heat our homes during cold Canadian winters, according to a local engineer. Read more>

Solar Has Huge Year Worldwide, Worst Could Be Over for Solar Stocks

01/13/2012 – In 2011, solar busted out all over the world, soaring 54% to 28 gigawatts (GW), driven by record installations in Germany and Italy, reports Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Read more>

10 solar trends to watch for in 2012

01/05/2012 – It is an understatement to say solar tech companies have suffered in 2011. The year has been marked by financial losses, layoffs, factory closures, trade complaints and bankruptcies afflicting solar manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The drama will continue in 2012, and here is a look at what to expect next year. Read more>

Canadian solar industry promotes solar energy strategies

12/23/2011 – There isn’t one collective association that represents all renewable energy interests.  Renewable energy operates in sectors such as biofuel, biomass, wind and solar, and each sector association is a self-promoter. Each develops goals and objectives that they believe represent themselves positively and uses a variety of means to ensure that its message is heard. Read more>

Germany Creates Nearly Half of World’s Solar Power…Any guesses where Canada is on the list?

12/20/2011 – Thanks to the eco-sensible folks over at One Block Off the Grid, we have a wonderful little infographic examining just what countries are leading the way in producing solar power. Read more>

Will Canada be left behind on climate change?

12/09/2011 – “What happened to the Canada that was always a problem-solver and a leader on the world stage?” Read more>

Ontario Power Authority plans for Pickering nuclear decommissioning

11/29/2011 – When the Pickering nuclear plant reaches the end of its life within the next decade, the gap in Ontario’s electricity production will be filled by natural gas and renewables such as wind and solar until new units are built in Darlington. Read more>

Canadian researcher pioneers paint-on solar cells

11/28/2011 – Ted Sargent holds a small paint-on solar cell, about the size of a postage stamp, between his thumb and index finger. It does not look like it could change the world, but Sargent’s backers say the technology just might. Read more>

The Next Frontier in Emerging Opportunities: Solar Roads

11/28/2011 – Imagine you are bicycling on a road. The road has standard streetlights for evening illumination. The road is made of glass. Underneath the glass are two additional layers: an optical layer and a solar-cell layer. Read more>

Ontario Power Authority Feed-in-Tariff program under review

11/14/2011 - Ontario is launching its scheduled review of the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Program. The review will examine the program rules and pricing to ensure the program remains successful and sustainable. Read more>

Ontario Liberal party’s victory supports solar

10/07/2011 - In a victory that can be interpreted as a positive sign for photovoltaics in North America, Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal party has claimed victory in yesterday’s Ontario elections. Read more>

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