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Generate Energy. Generate a Profit.

Owners and managers of commercial property across Ontario are choosing solar power to create a reliable, long-term revenue source, as well as boldly demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

We help make that choice smart and simple. With our GS SeriesTM, we proudly offer one of the shortest payback periods for solar power systems in Ontario. And through our comprehensive approach, we work with your management team to take care of every phase of your solar project: from design and engineering, to installation and commissioning, to the maintenance and servicing of the system, and everything in between.

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Commercial Solar Panels: Our Solar Panel Systems are optimized for Ontario Power Authority's Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program and ensure you receive the best return on your solar investment for your commercial property. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial rooftop leasing and various other solutions to maximize your opportunities from the program!

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Grasshopper Solar - Ontario's Solar Panel Systems Provider

News & Media
September 24, 2014
Grasshopper Solar is honoured CEO Azeem Qureshi has been appointed Chair of the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s microFIT Working Group. Read More
April 30, 2014

Proceeds of up to $100 Million will be utilized over the next three years to expand the FREE Solar Program in Ontario.

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June 03, 2013
Local control over future renewable energy projects is expected to be increased in order to support municipalities and secure Ontario’s clean energy future, according to the announcement by Ministry of Energy released on May 30th, 2013. Read More
May 29, 2013
Through the Channel Partner Program, Grasshopper Solar’s Channel Partners will get an opportunity to have their customers sign up for the FREE Solar Program. Grasshopper Solar’s Channel Partner Program is the first of its kind and will help the local economy by supporting small businesses and homeowners in Ontario. Read More

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