83% of Ontarians believe green energy is important


According to a survey conducted by Friends of Earth, 83% of Ontarians think that renewable energy is important or very important in Ontario in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dealing with climate change. Only 11% said that it is not important and 7% had a neutral view. 69% out of the 83% said that it is very important to have more renewable energy in Ontario and to take more actions to mitigate climate change.

Another survey question was how Ontarians feel about international organizations like World Trade Organization having the ability to over-ride Ontario’s plan to invest more in renewable energy. 73% of the respondents said no to WTO having such power.

This poll result shows that many Ontarians strongly believe in renewable energy for greener future for Ontarians and are willing to support it. With the Government of Ontario’s microFIT program, Ontarians have a chance to invest in renewable energy and enjoy high return on investment, up to 17%, all the while supporting Ontario’s green, local economy.

More details of the survey can be found here.


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