22 schools recently decided to go solar with Grasshopper Solar


Recently 22 schools decided to go solar with Grasshopper Solar. There are various reasons why schools go solar but three main reasons are to earn extra income of up to $620/month for 20 years, to educate students about solar energy and help them directly relate to it and to reduce all present and future energy costs. From going solar, schools can show leadership in green energy and green future.

Government Solar Program for SCHOOLS
These are all possible because of the Government of Ontario’s special solar program for schools. Under this program, all the electricity produced from solar power systems installed on schools’ roof is sold to the grid at a fixed rate for a contract period of 20 years. There is enough electricity produced and sold by the solar power systems to earn schools a solar income of up to $7,500/year.

With no doubt, the solar power system on the rooftop provides each school with a great opportunity to educate students about how solar panels generate green energy and how that solar energy reduces the school’s environmental footprint. To enhance the educational impact, a screen that will display an educational presentation about solar energy and solar power system is installed on each school’s hallway to make it available to students and staffs at all time.

Why NOW is the time?
Schools are eligible to participate in the microFIT program. For the detailed eligibility criteria for schools, click here. While the FIT program is on hold for an indefinite period of time, schools can install a solar power system under the microFIT program and generate solar energy and solar income. Rates will only continue to decrease so it is more beneficial for schools to act now than later.

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